Dropped - S05:E01 - Empty Handed Dropped - S05:E01 - Empty Handed

Dropped - S05:E01 - Empty Handed

In remote areas, survival is an everyday game. Enter hosts Chris and Casey Keefer as they set out to survive 30 days in the backcountry. Each new day these brothers will pit their skills as hunters, woodsmen, and fishermen against an unforgiving and relentless landscape. DROPPED brings viewers face to face with the harsh reality of only being able to eat what you can kill. A true test of survival. The Keefer brothers put boots to ground as their journey through Alaska begins. Armed with nothing but a couple Glock 20s, the brothers immediately begin their search for their first supply-yielding catch.

Cast: Chris Keefer, Casey Keefer,

USA • 2016 • Unrated •

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